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Premier Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Glen Burnie

Want to feel great? Regenerate!

The Regenerative Centers of Maryland offer patients the best regenerative medicine treatments to fight degeneration. We know that every patient is different, so we’ll work closely with you to best understand your condition and see if our treatment options are right for you.

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Why stem cell

Improving Your Body’s Natural Healing Abilities

Degeneration is an inevitable side effect of growing older and may present itself as arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and various other minor aches and pains. As you age, your body’s ability to heal slows down, and degeneration speeds up as a result.


Regenerative medicine is meant to combat degeneration, and that is exactly what our regenerative medical treatments aim to do.


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Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Therapies Offered

Our regenerative medicine options treat chronic pain and certain joint and musculoskeletal conditions.

Stem Cell Therapy

When injected into tissue, stem cells can repair a patient’s cells or tissues while speeding up the healing process.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP injections use your blood and a concentration of platelets, growth factors, and proteins to relieve pain and repair the body faster.

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Treatment Process

Treating Chronic Pain One Step at a Time

Here's what you can expect after you schedule a consultation with us.


One-on-One Consultation

You've scheduled the consultation, and now it's time to meet. We will go over your medical history and current medical needs to see if our treatment options are right for you.

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Create Treatment Plan

Assuming your health condition is one that we can treat, we'll work closely together to create a treatment plan that's just for you.

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Begin Treatment

Once we've finalized your treatment plan, we can take the first step in the plan: begin your treatment.

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Follow-Up Appointments

Chronic pain is not something that disappears overnight or with one treatment. PRP and stem cell therapies often require continual rounds of treatments, which we will continue to do through follow-up appointments.

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What people say about us


Learn how the Regenerative Center of Maryland has impacted the lives of some of our valued patients.

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I was blown away by how much the doctors here listened to me. They took my concerns seriously. So glad I went to the Regen Centers of Maryland and am looking forward to my next visit!

Rueben Munoz

Maryland Clinic

Dr. Seymore & staff are very professional. They put patients above & beyond.

Pam Young

Maryland Clinic

I thought stem cell therapies were a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, but my friend insisted I go to a seminar, which is how I ended up going to the one the Regenerative Centers of MD ran. Let’s just say they changed my mind. I’ve scheduled an appointment and can’t wait to start treatment!!

Tom Glenn

Maryland Clinic

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We specialize in treating chronic pain, which is fairly common as people grow older. This includes arthritis, joint and ligament pain, and more.

Stem cell therapy and PRP injections are low-risk treatment options that reduce inflammation and accelerate the body’s natural healing process. These holistic therapies don’t require surgery or long periods of recovery.

Our stem cells are sourced from donated umbilical cords and umbilical cord blood of healthy newborns.

We host educational seminars about stem cell therapy. Call us for more information about our stem cell seminars and a schedule of upcoming events.